Site Blocker

Simple way to block any website you want

  • Fast
  • Easy to use
  • Password protected


Get premium account and your site list will blocked on all browsers !

Get Premium

Premium account allow to synchronize and protect your blocked  site list. Register on site, select your plan and you will get key for premium account. This key can used for uninstall protection  and cross browser blocking with application. 


5.95 $

3 month
1 device
Cross browser blocking


9.99 $

6 month
1 device
Cross browser blocking


15.99 $

1 year
1 device
Cross browser blocking

How Does It Works ?

Site Blocker extension provide simple way to block unwanted websites.It easy use for blocking unwanted websites and web content and now available uninstall protection feature via desktop application. Some other extensions like site blocker allow you uninstall protection, which not provide full protection. Example they block chrome://extension page, but user can easy remove extension by right clicking on extension icon and selecting remove from chrome  option. Or users can create new Profile or use other browser and access to blocked list.  So we explored and find best and easy solution for users. Now you can use it as Parent control feature.  You need to do this steps

  • Install Site Blocker extension
  • Get Premium account
  • Go to Site Blocker Option page and add your block list
  • Open Synchronization menu
  • Enter your premium key and press Save to Server

First step is done, now you need to download application and synchronize your saved site list.

  • Run program as Administrator
  • Enter key get and your synchronized data will  saved on your device.

Restart browsers and you can see that your site list blocked on all your browsers!. If even site blocker extension or application will removed, your blocked sites still will be blocked

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Synchronization / uninstall protection



  • Download the program
  • Right click on program and select Run as Administrator option
  • Enter [your key] get to get your synchronized data from server and save it on your device
  • Enter [your key] reset to reset your changes
  • Restart your browsers

Now if site blocker exetension will deleted, your blocked list still wiil be blocked. 

Available for Windows 8/10 .  

Note: Some antiviruses detect it as unwanted software (because this software has no certificate). You need to add it to white list. 

Application Error codes

Error #1: Access is denied

You need administrator permission to run this application. Right click on application, select Run as Administrator option.


Error #2: Key is invalid

You have entered wrong key or your key is expired.


Error #3: Application  deprecated

Your current application deprecated. You need to download updated version. 


Error #4: Device not supported

One key can run only on one device. Your device not recognized and your entered key was runned on another device.


Error #5: No data to display

Your browser data (blocked sites list) not synchronized yet or server has temporary issue. 


Adult Blocker - Anti Porn Software

Protect your family from explicit adult sites with this tool. Adult Blocker is a desktop application which allow to block all porn, adult sites. Block all porn sites in one click.

Fast and reliable, Adult Blocker is a web content filtering application which monitors browser content and blocks explicit, adult and pornographic sites. Block porn and adult contents to prevent your kids from going to adult sites. Adult Blocker anti-porn goes over several levels of filtering while analyzing website content to figure out if a website has an adult content. Get yourself, your kids and your family protected while surfing the internet. 

Adult Blocker does not require any user configuration, it is pre-configured to block adult and porn web categories. Available for windows 7(x64)/8/10.  

Adult Blocker

Block all porn sites and adult contents



  • 12 month
  • 1 device
  • Block all adult sites
  • Hide adult content from search engines


  • Download Program
  • Run as Administrator
  • Enter your Premium key and click 'Block'.  
  • Restart your browsers