Site Blocker

Simple way to block any website you want

  • Fast
  • Easy to use
  • Password protected


Get premium account and your site list will blocked on all browsers !

How to Use

How to block web site?
You can block website by right clicking on page and select Block this Site option, or from extension option page using Load Site List or Add Site to Block options.

How To block specific page ?
If you want to block part of page , e.g., you need to add key to Extra Config in Block by Key section

How to  block in incognito
To block sites in incognito mode you need to activate 'Allow run in incognito mode' checkbox in chrome://extensions page

How to set password
You can set/unset password in option page.

I forgot my password, how to reset
There is no option for resetting password, but you can  do like this

  • Export your site list from Export Sites menu
  • Delete extension
  • Install it again
  • Load your exported site list from Load Sites option

Get Easy Blocker

Easy Blocker in a desktop application which allow to block unwanted websites permanently. Easy Blocker allows you to block access to certain websites, it's compatible with all browsers. It is designed for self-control and allows you to completely or temporary block time-wasting websites to stay focused and concentrate on work or study. Blocking access to unwelcome Internet resources is important for parents, organizations, and companies and self-control.

  • Download the program
  • Right click on program and select Run as Administrator option
  • Enter  <your key> to access your dashboard
  • Add site list and click on 'Save' button 
  • Restart your browsers

Now, even if Easy Blocker removes, your blocked list will still be blocked. To unblock sites, you need to open the application, select the deleted sites from the list and click 'Save'.

Available for Windows 7/8/10. Download latest version below. Read More here.

Select Plan


5.99 $

3 month
1 device
Cross browser blocking


9.99 $

Save 15%
6 month
1 device
Cross browser blocking


15.99 $

Save 20%
9 month
1 device
Cross browser blocking


21.99 $

Save 10%
12 month
1 device
Cross browser blocking

Easy Blocker Usage